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Interesting Sights

Its just like Killington.......NOT

Only thing they could ski

Only black diamond they could handle!


View from Flat Iron Mountain, top of the trail Big Horn
looking back across the valley.


The cast of Easy Rider 2? Or Moe showing her pension for "rented clothing"?



Could YOU read the sign while skiing?

Here is the "proof" that you go big or you go home. Its tough to see, but that is the point. The picture above
looks like a guy next to a forest. On the trial map,
its a trial. The teeeeny tiny red sign over Frank's
head isn't legible in the picture, but what it says is:
"Warning: Cliff Ahead". The cliff is about 30 feet into
the trees, just far enough that if you missed the sign, it woulda been way too late.