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Random Thoughts
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With due credit to PJ Reilly of and Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe

Link to PJ Reilly's bostonsportshub page, including his clever Random Notes:

Big East West.  Has there ever been a more inane name?  How about Big East North and Big East South? You could ignore geography (as they already do) and get rid of that silly name.
Worst quote of the Final Four, by Maryland guard Juan Dixon: "If we ever got in that position again, when we were up 22 points, we were going to find a way to pull the game out. We did." Dixon is a great ballplayer. But if you are up 22, Duke or not, you aren't supposed to "find a way to pull the game out". You are supposed to let your walk ons tell their grand kids they played in the Final Four!

Why don't they ever have change on the airplane when you are buying a beer? Is it a surprise? Do you suppose that beer is actually complimentary and the air crew have been pocketing all that cash?

For that matter, why does your seat have to be in the locked and upright position? Is lower back comfort an issue in regards to your personal safety when the plane crashes at a couple hundred miles an hour? "He would have lived, but he was reclining..."
Why is it that $5 for a beer in an airport is annoying, at a girlie bar is acceptable, and at your 10 year reunion its highway robbery?
Why is it that when you buy the bag of Hershey's miniatures, there is always 22 Special Darks and 3 Krackels?
Once you are to the point of "rent or go to the movies?" you should be at the point where you realize a movie like Star Wars or Minority Report needs a big screen and digital sound, while a chick flick...errr...I meant....letting her pick the movie-might not warrant the $9 for the big screen with the $4 popcorn.

From Mrs. Ballgame, wife of webeditor, a few of her random thoughts with her own special sports perspective:
The words "very cool" and "Bobblehead doll" should never be in the same sentence.

Her new favorite game?  Playing "name the year" with me on Classic sports. I have to go by players and coaches.  She goes by haircuts, length of shorts, cheerleader outfits and hair, and the fonts the original channel used.  She usually wins.
On the brackets for the NCAA tourney this year:  "A game played in Chicago is an East Regional?  Playing in Pittsburgh is now called a West Regional?  Might as well call 'em John, Paul, George and Ringo Regionals for all that means."
On free throws- "You are standing still.  No one is in your way.  If you are good enough to earn a free education playing basketball, you should be able to hit 75% of your free throws.  And don't even get me started on Shaq..."
Upon seeing hundreds, if not over a thousand, people ice fishing on lake Winnipesaukee during the big ice fishing derby, she chimed in with "Look!  Darwin's waiting room!"  
Her realization that I was making her wait for a timeout in a hoop game that was on Classic Sports:  "Those basketball players have skinny arms and extra short shorts.  That isn't live!  Get off the couch and give me a hand!"
On skiing and temperature:  "There must be degrees.  Zero degrees?  As in NO degrees?  Then no skiing!"
On football:  "Real men don't fair catch."  (ok, maybe that was me, not her, but she'd agree.  I've convinced her that the Draw Play is the root of all evil, this can't be far behind)